Why the Best Teemo Build Doesn’t Exist


In past blog posts I’ve stated that Teemo is the most versatile champion in League of Legends; this brought up tons of differing opinions as to how Teemo should be played and built. However, due to Teemo’s overall kit, the most efficient way to play him differs from game to game, but why?


The main reason is Teemo can essentially build anything and still be competitive in the early game due to his Toxic Shot (E). ToxicShot When Teemo is level seven he has 40 on-hit magic damage, which is essentially a BF Sword excluding the poison damage over time. There’s no other champion in League of Legends that has the luxury of building Giant’s Belt as a first item while still having the ability to auto-attack the enemy laner to death. Teemo’s versatility in running different builds should be taken advantage of instead of building the same generic items every game.


Teemo is not a “set and forget” champion; he is not like an ADC who builds the same generic items while taking the same generic runes every game. It’s the reason why every high-elo Teemo main takes different runes and has different playstyles and preferences. High-elo Teemo players not only take into account their own playstyle and habits when building Teemo, but also their lane opponent.


A mistake that the majority of players make in low-elo is building the same items regardless of the matchup or the state of the game/lane. Why build the same items every game when the value of those items relating to Teemo differs from game to game?


For example, if you’re laning against Akali should you still build the same items as if you were laning against Swain? The answer is no. Although they both deal magic damage, their kits are different and the way their damage is output is different. Akali has AP burst damage, whereas Swain has AP poke and sustained magic damage; their playstyles and trading patterns are completely different. If you build Wit’s End as a first item versus a Swain, the lane swings in your favor. However, if you did same thing versus Akali, you don’t have the health pool to actually take Akali’s burst (a.k.a. you’re fucked).


I urge all Teemo mains who are trying to climb to play around with different builds and find the style that best fits their needs while still being about to transition and abuse other builds. Not only will you learn to abuse Teemo’s kit more effectively, but you will also learn how to be mindful in-game.


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