Split Pushing with Teemo: What to do When You’re Behind


If you’re in the unfortunate situation of having fed the enemy top laner, there’s only one way to fix: Split Pushing. If you’re already useless in the current game state, it’s time to make an enemy laner useless.

Let’s look at what Split Pushing does.

Split Pushing

Split Pushing allows you to manipulate the map by forcing an enemy champion to respond to the pressure you’re placing; you inherently force the game to become a puzzle and if the enemy team fails to respond correctly, then the consequences can be catastrophic. The beauty of it all is pressure is powerful regardless if the champion you’re playing happens to not be.


As stated before, if you’re already useless, the best thing you can do is force an enemy champion to respond to the pressure. The same logic can apply to dealing with tanks who are great at teamfighting (Ornn, Sion, Maokai, Cho’Gath etc.); don’t let them shine in teamfights and force them to match your split push.

Items and Teleport

So you’re feeding or your team simply isn’t meant to teamfight? Drop everything and immediately start building yourself a Runnan’s Hurricane. Runnan’s is amazing for Teemo as having an item built before Runnan’s isn’t required due to Teemo’s Toxic Shot (E). Also, you’re going to need Teleport for situational purposes like backdooring, getting to Baron or even getting back to lane in the early stages of the game.

Shrooms/Wards Providing Vision

Although you can still build AP, it’s better to go for an on-hit build as you’ll mostly be dueling and taking towers; this is why you’ll be using your Shrooms for vision purposes and not for damage. Shroom and Ward the immediate paths to where your split pushing. When safe, try to get deeper vision and use it to your advantage to bait enemy champions into wasting more time.

The Push Pull

The “Push Pull” relates to how lanes naturally push with minions; “push” is you pushing the lane, whereas the pull is the enemy team responding on the wave bouncing back towards you. Arcsecond gives a great in depth explanation of how it works.

Generally speaking, you don’t want to be pushing a lane if you don’t see 4 other enemy champions on the map. If you’re confident with your abilities, or simply fed, push when there’s 3 on the map. You can also just push if your team is applying a high amount of pressure somewhere else on the map; this is because if you happen to die, your team can get a fortune in objectives for the cost of one Teemo.

In Action


The goal of the game above was to take Sion out of teamfighting situations, which is where he thrives. I immediately built Runnan’s Hurricane and forced him to join me in the split push. It’s important to note that this strategy was successfully executed in mid-diamond elo.

When playing this strategy, I like to take Grasp of the Undying as it will helps you duel champions more effectively than the other alternatives. It’s also a much safer option than Press the Attack or Aery.

Enjoy the free elo.


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