Chapter Three – Everything Shrooms

Teemo’s ultimate, or Noxious Trap (R), is generally the most commonly misused ability in Teemo’s kit.

So you might be asking yourself: how is an ability that is so straightforward and basic misused? There’s more to Shrooms than just vision and damage; having foresight of what direction the game is heading and playing to the advantage of that direction is often missed by a majority of players. This means that you must actively be thinking about the direction of the game and not going through the motions, which is an issue that most players struggle with. With foresight in mind, not ONE of your shrooms should be placed arbitrarily or , in other words, randomly/just cause you feel like dropping one. Like every other champion in League of Legends, you should be able to justify the use of your ultimate and be content in the situation you used it in; this is no different for Teemo, regardless if Noxious Trap (R) is on a low cooldown. If you have watched any high-elo Teemo players, you have likely noticed that each shroom placed down has a justifiable purpose.

With that said, how and where should you place your shrooms? Well depending on the situation and your build, it may vary.

There are three types of justifiable shroom placements: Pathing Shrooms, Vision Shrooms, and Combat Shrooms

Pathing Shrooms


Pathing Shrooms are shrooms that are placed in the most efficient pathing routes; it can be placed in the most common gank paths or where champions are highly likely to hit your shroom (Jungle entrances/exits). Notice, in the image above, that these shrooms are usually hugging walls; this is due to players simply clicking the minimap to navigate Summoner’s Rift. Think about where champions commonly path and place them there, which is typically against walls. They can be used to both slow down the enemy jungler from pathing top or simply point them out on the map. These are far and away most common use of shrooms. It’s important to take into account the type of jungler you’re playing against and use your own foresight to preemptively place shrooms around their common pathing routes. For example, you wouldn’t want to shroom the same way for a Kayn and Shyvana due to their mobility/pathing being very different. They can also be used in lane; they’re generally placed either around the minion wave or the walls of top lane.

Vision Shrooms


They’re similar to Pathing Shrooms, but the main difference is they’re not meant to be stepped on; their main purpose is for vision, not damage. Although you can still use Pathing Shrooms if you’re building on-hit, you may want to consider placing more Vision Shrooms rather than Pathing Shrooms due to your shroom damage being minimal. They’re amazing when placed by camps, so every member on your team has vision of the jungler. Also, once the jungler finishes their camp you can see where they’re pathing to next and predict where they are on the map. Information is everything in League of Legends; you never know if your teammates would like to be aggressive, but are hesitant due to the location of the enemy jungler not being known. This allows your teammates to play more aggressive and have higher possibility of winning their lanes. However, it’s important to be cautious and not go for Vision Shrooms against junglers who may have kill pressure on you. When placing Shrooms in bushes, put them towards the wall or the place you believe they’re less likely to be stepped on. These are great for top lane bushes to spot out potential jungle ganks. When shrooming the river with Vision Shrooms, try to avoid the common path of the Scuttler.

Combat Shrooms

The true mark of a high-elo Teemo Main is effectively using Combat Shrooms. A Combat Shroom is exactly that: a shroom used during combat. Combat Shrooms are either meant to be procced immediately or used to create space between you and the enemy laner in order to force them to either back off or take a bad trade. As mentioned before, they can be meant to procced immediately; for example, dropping a shroom nearby the enemy minion wave when trading will force them to take damage due to being in the vicinity of the shroom explosion. Try to have at least one shroom in safekeeping just in case you need to bust it out during a fight.

The Importance of Shrooms in Teamfights

It’s a common misconception that Teemo is a horrible teamfighter. Although he’s not the greatest teamfighter, with the help of his Shrooms, he’s not bad in any means. Zoning effectively with Shrooms allows you to force the enemy champions to either path/move ineffectively during a fight or simply proc the Shroom and damage the rest of their team. When throwing shrooms in the middle of teamfights, aim for where the enemy is either clustered or certain choke points if you’re fighting in the jungle. If an enemy is sieging, use their minion wave against them and throw your shrooms on to the minions so the enemy champions are also damaged when escorting their wave. Similar to Combat Shrooms, if you feel there’s going to be a teamfight/skirmish, save all your shrooms as they can drastically change the course of the fight and win you games.

Using Shrooms as a Form of Wave Clear

This has always been constant mental battle for me and a bad habit, but unless you absolutely have to hard push a wave, try to avoid using shrooms on a wave. It’s a waste of shrooms that could potentially save your life or give you other valuable information on the map. Yes, this alone can potentially cost you a games.

Last quick tip: Shroom damage over-time does NOT stack. Don’t be a rookie and keep your shrooms close together. Spread em!


2 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Everything Shrooms”

  1. Loving your work, as ever! Thanks for the info. One point of contention (maybe) I have, is with wave clear shrooms. Depending on the game, I might leave a line of lane shrooms (starting right on the tower) in order to help pressure other lanes, or objectives.

    It sounds like a waste, if you think in terms of wave clear, but it can be quite useful if you think in terms of map pressure. The idea is, if the enemy sees you elsewhere and decides to push top, these lane shrooms can effectively stop their push in time for you to take the objective and return top.

    Even one shroom just in front of the tower can achieve this, but an entire string of shrooms running from your tower to theirs can be hilariously impactful.

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