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The Teemo Bible: Preface and Introduction



Hello everyone! My name is MrBrightside; I’m a high-elo Teemo main who peaked high Diamond 1 and Top Four Teemo World back in Season Seven. I started maining Teemo back in Season Four and after thousands of games and hours playing the most notorious champion in League of Legends, I believe I’m fit to spill the beans on everything Teemo. Literally. Everything.


This will be the most comprehensive and in-depth guide ever written on the art of mastering Teemo. The Teemo Bible will be updated every patch and I will make sure it is stays as up-to-date as possible. Since this is will be constantly evolving through every patch, this guide will always be a work in progress and always revised. Although this guide will be focused on playing Teemo in the Top Lane, Teemo Mid, Jungle, ADC and Support will eventually Chapters.

This guide will focus on the core fundamentals along with the ins and outs of Teemo. We will go over the following:

Runes, Builds, every rune and how it relates to Teemo, Types of Shrooms, Shroom map coverage, how to effectively use Shrooms, every match-up versus every rune, how lanes are expected to play out, transitioning from laning phase to mid-game, transitioning from mid-game to late-game, winning every lane, when to get vision, utilizing Teemo’s passive, the best bans for every elo and patch, pros and cons to every build, SKINtimidation, going over every single item in the game and how Teemo uses them, ganking, avoiding ganks, in-depth guidelines on levels, ability sequences, top lane guidelines, lane positioning, how to play teamfights, positioning in teamfights, when to splitpush, when to build items in certain situations, my peronal opinion builds, looking at Teemo objectively and subjectively, theorycrafting aaaaaaaand so much more.


I hope you enjoy reading The Teemo Bible as much as I enjoy writing it. Cheers.